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Thread: Steve Vai in studio with Ernie Ball Music Man "Divya Dora" Sitar

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    Steve Vai in studio with Ernie Ball Music Man "Divya Dora" Sitar

    Steve Vai in studio with Ernie Ball Music Man "Divya Dora" Sitar-vaitar-jpg

    In a brand new video, Steve Vai gives a behind the scenes look at the making of his unreleased Modern Primitive album. You donít have to be eagle-eyed to notice the interesting instrument Steve shows off beginning at the 1:59 mark in the video. The one-of-a-kind instrument was built by Dudley Gimpel.

    Learn more about the instrument over on the blog: Steve Vai In Studio with his Ernie Ball Music Man “Divya Dora” | Ernie Ball Music Man
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    THANK YOU BP! Glad you guys were able to open up a bit more about this! (And thanks Luke_EB for passing it along!)

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    So coool! Thanks EBMM!
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    Thanks for this!!

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