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Thread: Petrucci wanna be... :) JPXl video content... :)

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    Petrucci wanna be... :) JPXl video content... :)

    Hey guys, here`s a clip of my song Margin of error and my JP Xl in action... Hope you`ll like it

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    2005-JP6 RED PEARL
    2015-JP15 BLUEBERRY BURST (#57-300)

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    Sounds great! Really enjoyed your style!
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    Awesome, great playing!
    Adam Eschliman

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    Tnx guys! Glad u like it

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    Great sound, great playing! I really enjoyed it!

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    Tnx guys, glad u like it! Im a big Petrucci fan (obviously) lol

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    Here`s JP 11, only guitar sounds... Just riffing out...

    Kemper profiling amplifier, Cililab 6534+, Music Man JP Xl - YouTube

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    Awesome playing Krstovic!

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    Sounds great, great playing!

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    I really enjoyed that. Great playing as well.

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    Tnx guys, feel free to subscribe, im gonna post more videos all with Music man...

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    Damn, man. You had me from that opening riff! Awesome!!

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    Tnx, glad u like it! Im gonna post another prog(ish) video, probably in the next couple of days so stay tuned and subscribe!

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