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Thread: New Morse Interview: Audio

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    New Morse Interview: Audio

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    Thank you!! I love Flying Colors and always enjoy hearing Steve's insights.

    Speaking of Flying Colors, I hope I'm not overstepping my boundaries but I've wanted to bring this up for a while: Casey McPherson of Flying Colors needs a leftHanded Morse to rock out next to Steve on stage! The following question and answer on Reddit gave me the idea:

    Question from user mhoke63: "Casey - When are you going to get a Music Man guitar to fit in with Steve and Dave?"

    Answer from Casey: "As soon as Steve gets me one "

    Link to the Reddit AMA this came from:

    We Are Prog/Rock Supergroup Flying Colors (Mike Portnoy, Neal Morse, Casey McPherson, Dave LaRue) with Exec Producer Bill Evans. Ask Us Anything!

    I can picture Casey on the next Flying Colors DVD playing Steve's harmony lead lines on a lefty Y2D Purple Sunset. He currently uses a Les Paul...but he can do better!
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    Haha, that would be so cool if McPherson started playing an EB/MM. But if not a Morse, than what? Which EB/MM would be most suitable for a Les Paul convert?

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    A Morse Y2D or maybe Armada?

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    Great interview.
    Of note is Steve was doing it from Turkey where DP was performing just after the Airport bombing, but before coup attempt.

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