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Thread: Strings gauges for JP6 D standard tune

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    Strings gauges for JP6 D standard tune

    Just proud owner of a Neptune Bfr JP6...
    I have a problem of tuning stability with 10-48 strings in D Standard. I think that this gauges is too light for a no-locking tremolo system. According to your experience which gauges assure tunining stability in D standard?

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    I go up a gauge for every half steps:
    11s for Eb
    12s for D
    13s for Db and lower.

    But whatever works for you; it'll certainly take time and tweaks to get it right. I also never experienced tuning stability issues due to string gauge or locking vs. non-locking tremolos. It's usually a setup and stringing issue.

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    I use regular 10s and play in D standard. I have zero tubing issues. My balls are perfect
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    mmm... ok I have to set it better. Thank you for your replies!

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    I'm using 11-54 Cobalt Beefy Slinky's for D Standard on my Neptune Blue JP. For Drop D I use the Regular 10-46 Set.
    I think the Cobalt Strings really compliment the Mahagony Roasted Maple Combo.
    It took a while to get it all Set Up correctly, but it plays fluid and easy now.
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    I tried to use the gauge 11-50 instead of 10-48 but the problem was still there.

    I solved the problem using the lighter gauge 10-13-17-26-36-46 . I think that the nut slots are too tight. I noticed that the 4th low string with gauge 30 was a bit difficult to pull away from the nut.

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