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Thread: NGD EBMM JP13 7 String

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    NGD EBMM JP13 7 String

    Hi guys, i'm new to the forum and i've just got a JP13 7 string guitar, this is my first Music Man guitar and boy i'm impressed, i've always heard great things about Music Man guitars and being actually meaning to get a JP for quite a while, but you don't see that many of them being sold here in M�xico, anyway i saw this one listed on a local site for a great price so i just had to buy it, i just couldn't be more happy with it, the neck is incredibly comfortable, the pick ups sound awesome and the Piezo is just something else, really the quality of this guitar is superb but i guess you guys already know that.

    Also the bridge, i've been playing floating trems for about 20 years now (mostly Ibanez), everything i know about the system tells me this thing shouldn't stay in tune, i don't know what kind of magic the EBMM guys put into it but it does stay in tune and it does it really well, the feel of is obviously different than an Edge or a Floyd but is actually pretty smooth, and i'm really digging the low profile of the trem.

    IMO the pictures don't do it justice, the silver finish has some slight sparkle that looks incredible under lights, the combination of silver, rosewood and chrome looks super classy IMO, if i could change one thing though would be an unfinished neck, i'm just not a fan of finished necks and even though this one feels really really smooth, i still prefer the look and feel of unfinished ones, but hey you got leave a little room for GAS right?

    I have some doubts about the proper set up and maintenance of the guitar, but i will post them in a new thread once i've read the FAQ and get the chance to spend more time with the guitar.

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    Sweet guitar man! Enjoy!

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    Congrats dude that thing looks killer!!

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    I know and understand totally what you mean...and fully's just AWESOME! Enjoy!
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    Welcome to this forum and congrats on your JP13 7! Have fun!

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    Thanks a lot guys, the more i play it the more i like this guitar, its just so easy to play, like it does exactly what you want it to do, i've never really considered a 7th string as my main guitar but this one is making me reconsider.

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    Awesome! Congrats and thanks for the pictures!! Looks sick!!!
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