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Thread: Majesty Neck Problem

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    Lightbulb Majesty Neck Problem

    Hello everybody,

    I have recently had my JP Majesty set up and it was looking and playing pretty good when I picked it up. A couple of days later, I heard some sounds from the guitar and then I felt the action was noticeably lower than a few minutes earlier. It just wouldn't stay in tune no matter how many times I tuned it. I thought something was going on and took the guitar back to the repair shop. The technician told me that the neck went completely out of alignment and said he would do the setup again. I picked up the guitar a few days later and it was all feeling OK. Minimal buzzing, staying in tune... However, I have been experiencing the same problems. I don't know if I should take it back to the shop or do something else about it.

    Any feedback on this will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you all!


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    Josh -

    Best bet is to call customer service!!!

    Is the guitar be kept in fairly consistent temperatures and humidity levels?
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    My Majesty 7 does that some during the winter months. Part of it is the temp changes but the big thing I found out was the Hercules guitar stand I was keeping it in. I bought the stand for the guitar because I wanted to make sure it was secure. The way the guitar hangs by the headstock and the angle was throwing my neck out of whack. I changed stands and started just keeping it in the case during the winter when I wasn't playing it and the problem seemed to go away.
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    Thank you for your response. Now that I think about it, there is a difference in temperature between the repair shop and my apartment. I'll keep that in mind.

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    try to let it accommodate for at least a week or two to the conditions in your apartment
    buy a hygrometer also to check the humidity and temperature. usually as far I I know guitar likes humidity around 40-50 % and is best to keep them in case when not playing

    I've noticed that every new guitar I've bought it took at least a few weeks to settle and accommodate the conditions in my home
    with majesty was more pronounced but now it stay in tune great, even the action might be modified with 0.2mm sometimes...easy truss rod adjustment

    of course all this is valid if the neck does not have more serious problems
    as I rule of thumb: MM Customer Service is really stellar.
    every time I had a problem I wrote an email, not asking on forums
    they were great every time and willing to do the best to help even if I live in Romania - Europe , far from them )
    honestly I was tempted many times to buy other high end brand guitars but always remembered the fact that if something will be wrong I don't think there is another company with such exceptional guys at CS

    Quote Originally Posted by uaytacoglu View Post
    Thank you for your response. Now that I think about it, there is a difference in temperature between the repair shop and my apartment. I'll keep that in mind.

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    You would think that neck wouldn't have those types of problems

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