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Thread: Will an JP 12 BFR CASE fit a Axis?

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    Will an JP 12 BFR CASE fit a Axis?

    Hello there! There's an JP 12 BFR guitar case for sale locally and I was wondering if this would fit a Axis guitar or JP cases only fits for JP guitars ? The owner said he wasn't sure and I did not find the exact information on the web. A few photos of JP12 molded case.

    PS sorry for my English and thank you for the help!

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    Hi Kashmarik,
    The JP Series Cases will, as far as i know, only fit JP Guitars. The Luke and JPs have different Cases, The other Models share the same Case.
    Hope this helps.
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    I tried putting my Axis SS Semi-Hollow into my JP15 case. (The JP12 likely isn't exactly the same shape as the JP15, but would be close.) The Axis would almost fit in there, but it's a little too wide at the bridge end of the body.

    I can't speak for all models, but my Axis has a specific case for the model, with the "tray" in the bottom of the case molded specifically for the model. I have seen pics of EBMM cases that looked like they were intended to fit multiple models, but don't know if that's something that's changing, or if there are just some oddball models that require their own.
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    Thanks guys! Your answers will help me
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    Hi, this question is on a total whim but i am infact looking for a jp12 bfr case as mine is missing one.. i know this is a long time ago but did you purchase the case?? Or is it still available to by?? Im guessing not but thought id ask as it hust the case im looking for ���� Kind regards joe

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