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Thread: New to the forum

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    New to the forum

    Hello...new to the forum. Been reading for a while to gain knowledge which helped me get my first EBMM guitar. I bought a Luke III in Bhodie blue. I love this guitar. I never knew how well these guitars feel, play and sound. The quality of the craftsmanship is top notch. My LIII is so responsive. I love it.

    Hoping to learn more and make some friends here. Thinking about a Cutlass next, so I will be asking questions about that soon.

    Here is my LIII

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    Nice L3! Welcome!
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    Aw that's just beautiful! My favorite Luke specs for sure. Nice score.

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    Love the L3, definitely a cool guitar.

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    First post and included pics - you're already in the cool kids club!

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    Nice axe! Killer look... Welcome to the forum!
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    Thanks for having me guys. Much appreciated.

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