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Thread: NGD JP6 Fully Loaded in Mystic Dream

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    Cool NGD JP6 Fully Loaded in Mystic Dream

    I've just got a EBMM JP6 fully loaded in Mystic Dream finish, i loved my JP13 7 string so much that i just had to get a 6 string, the guitar plays, sounds and looks incredible, it is a 2010 model so sadly no SS frets, but they are in great condition with practically no wear, the neck on this thing is amazing! it is such a joy to play and it is unfinished so it looks and feels incredible, anyway here are some pics:

    And a family pic:

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    Congrats! She's a beautiful one. So classic the JP6 in mystic dream. Very nice.

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    So cool! I'm gasing for a MD 7string so bad now!!!!
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    Thanks guys! i'm still completely blown away with both of my JPs, EBMM and John really hit a home run with this axe.

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    Super awesome.
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    congrats man!

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    Congrats! I've always loved this finish.. Enjoy it!

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