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Thread: NGD: 2015 PDN Tobacco Burst JP6

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    NGD: 2015 PDN Tobacco Burst JP6

    Yeah, yeah, I know. It's only a year late but I didn't let this PDN run go. Found one brand new without the matching headstock (my personal preference).. So I had to jump on it.

    It came home a couple of days ago. Such a lovely and musical instrument, sustain is forever. It's alive I tell ya!

    NGD: 2015 PDN Tobacco Burst JP6-eb-mm_jp6_tb-1-jpgNGD: 2015 PDN Tobacco Burst JP6-eb-mm_jp6_tb-2-jpgNGD: 2015 PDN Tobacco Burst JP6-eb-mm_jp6_tb-4-jpgNGD: 2015 PDN Tobacco Burst JP6-eb-mm_jp6_tb-5-jpgNGD: 2015 PDN Tobacco Burst JP6-eb-mm_jp6_tb-6-jpg

    I'll get more pics of it once I can get around to doing it..

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    Gorgeous! Congrats.
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    Stunning, really like that finish, kinda understated in a way

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    Very nice. Tom Lee Music in Vancouver had one with piezoelectric and one without. I already have a BFR JP6 otherwise would have picked the piezoelectric version up. Perfect guitar.
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    Nice neck! Not seen one come out quite like that before

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    Love it. Congrats.
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    That is most definitely the one that has been at Axe Palace for a while. I eyed that. But, the goofy inlays (sorry..just my opinion) really prevents me from buying the jp stuff. There was one with dots at Wilcutts that I just missed out on.

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    That's exactly where I got it from. I do prefer the shield inlay.

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    Ding dang Doo............ That is gorgeous!!!! Big congrats!!!!!
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    Very nice finish dude! Unique JP, enjoy!
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    Congrats man, it looks stunning, i do also like the look of an unfinished headstock.

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    SO sexy! Congrats man!
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    Awesome! Congratz.

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    BTW This is the one from Axe Palace?

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