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    Musician's Friend

    Hi All,

    Just received a Majesty from Musician's Friend which is obviously open box. Called them and they are going to replace it, but I am feeling a little uncomfortable with dealing with them after this. I can't find any Majesty Artisian Marrones that are available elsewhere. Has anyone else dealt with Musician's Friend, if so, can you tell me whether you had a good or bad experience with them.

    Thanks all.


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    I have placed 24 orders from them in a little less than 2 years. Everything from a cheap bag of picks to expensive guitars. I have never received an open box or damaged item.

    I recently returned an item to them and it was completely painless.

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    Do you mean it is obviously used? Or did they maybe open it to inspect it?

    I've never bought a big-ticket instrument at Musician's friend. Only Sweetwater and Guitar Center.

    Guitar Center says they are in stock on the website. No idea if that is accurate or not, as they show every color combo as in stock.
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    When I ordered, I inquired as to whether they do an inspection like Sweetwater. They told me they don't because customers like to receive the boxes unopened from the factory. The box had been opened. The guitar was shipped in the case with the trem attached. My JP15 did not have the trem attached, it was in a padded envelope. The padded envelope had been opened on the Majesty. I am certain it was a returned item.

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    I hesitate when ordering from them. I recently ordered one of the new Charvel san Dimas models. Over a period of a month and a half, they sent me 4 guitars. Each of them had issues and I had to return every single one. 2 of them must have been open box and 2 had manufacturing defects. On the plus side, they paid for shipping each time but it was frustrating. At one point, a customer service rep told me that I could request for the guitar to be inspected before it was shipped out. I did request it to be inspected but it was clear that they didn't because I received a guitar with defects.

    For an item as expensive as a majesty, I would go Sweetwater because they make sure the guitsr is just about perfect before it ships.

    Good luck.

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    Thank you for your replies. Think I may go with my gut and order the guitar from Sweetwater.

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    I received my Stingray from MF in perfect shape in an unopened box.

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    I have bought literally like 150 orders from MF in the last 30 years. I have never, ever had an issue. Although I don't think I ever purchased a guitar from them. I would be VERY SURPRISED if they would send you a B-stock/return as A-stock. That's a major no-no. Was there anything WRONG with the guitar? Or just bothers you that it was open? If nothing's wrong with it, you could probably convince them to refund you a couple hundred bucks.

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    Don't be surprised if your next Majesty comes with the trem arm installed.

    Did you inspect the guitar? Was there anything wrong with it?
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    Both my guitars are from MF, no issues at all!
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    I've ordered about 10 or so guitars over the past 2 years from them. They seem to be pretty militant about anything that may have been returned being labeled as "open box". Anything I've ever ordered as new has appeared new from factory. I have ordered a couple open box EBMMs from them. They were categorized as "mint" and they looked brand new. I saved about $400 on an open box Silhouette and about $800 on an open box Axis SS Semi-Hollow and they were both miles ahead of something I would've bought "new" off the rack at GC or another retailer. If you do wind up returning, they have a very friendly 45 day policy and they will sell you a return shipping label for about $7 if there is not some kind of defect.

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    Thanks for all the replies. I greatly appreciate them. I now for certain that the box was open, the padded envelope inside was not only opened but had the top ripped off. So, it was certainly open box. They have agreed to take it back and send me a new, unopened guitar. As I play it today, I can't find anything wrong with it, it is mint. I may talk to them about a discount since it was open box. Thanks again for your replies.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zesta View Post
    Do you mean it is obviously used? Or did they maybe open it to inspect it?

    I've never bought a big-ticket instrument at Musician's friend. Only Sweetwater and Guitar Center.

    Guitar Center says they are in stock on the website. No idea if that is accurate or not, as they show every color combo as in stock.
    Guitar Center and Musiciansfriend are the same. They also own Music123 and Woodwind & Brass.

    I try to buy from Sweetwater when I can, but I have spent at least $20k with Musiciansfriend over the last 15 years ... Picks, guitars, strings, amps ... Never a problem, even when I arbitrarily decided to return a $2500 Rivera amp.

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    Thanks all. I did return the guitar without any hassle whatsoever.

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    I just got an open box that was "mint" that isn't quite mint. The finish is perfect and there are no visible damage areas, but other things are kinda a question mark. I seem to have this problem with everything I try MM (crying) We'll see, the price was pretty good and it's under warranty. Plus, there doesn't seem to be overstock available of non-piezo JP's.

    MF is hit or miss for me. Overall the experience is ok, but not terrific. Then again, even the best places make mistakes.

    I have had GC and MF cards for ages. They have great deals often, which lends to the gas I get from time to time. I always pay it off way before it's due, but it's really nice having the cushion and flexibility of zero interest.

    Sweetwater is better, but I'm not signing up for any more cards. So really big purchases like guitars are out most of the time (though I bought a nice ibanez premium there a while back at a drastically reduced price)

    Glad you were able to send it back w/o issue.

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