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Thread: JP sterling not quite up to par, thinking about getting a USA one

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    JP sterling not quite up to par, thinking about getting a USA one

    Sorry for this being the first post, but I'm in a quandary.

    The Koa top JP 100 I currently have is perfect spec wise, but they seem to have real trouble at the indo shop. I've had two now and there are a variety of problems including holes for the trem claw being incorrectly inserted, the most retarded (sorry) spring placements (fixed but makes me nervous), and a really really close high-E string to the edge of the neck (this one is better, but it's still a bit squirlly)

    So, it's made in indo....get a better one, right?

    But the different models are so varying. Painted neck backs, different body styles, different pups in the jp13, different body woods (tone block), piezo, oh my.

    If life was perfect, it would be a jp12 with an unfinished back of neck and a 15 or 16" radius and a 42mm nut. That isn't going to happen so ....

    OPTION 1: I saw was what I'm guessing was an older model that is this one:

    Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci 6 Electric Guitar | Musician's Friend

    But I don't know if it has SS frets, and I'm not crazy about the dot inlays (I like the JP-bullets). Also, I'd really rather not have the piezo. Anyone know what model year it is or if it's worth ordering? Any and all info is really appreciated.

    OPTION 2: is the JP 13. I like the silver, 17" radius is probably ok, but the painted neck worries me. And that is really getting up there financially for not having played one (I don't think I'm driving to SF to check it out, might change my mind....) and GC guitars are ALWAYS really grungy unless they just took it out of the box. They do have one at some platinum store that has the neck back unpainted, but I haven't called them to see if it's in good condition (which they'll say it is no matter what) and I'm guessing that is an older one. Also, the JP 13's seem to be on clearance? Any reason why?

    Private reserve is OUT for now. Just can't swing it.

    So the only thing I know right now is I really want one. Keeping this is still an option I suppose, but as many things as I like, there are some irregularities that bug me (even for the price)

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    That color the JP6 is in was discontinued in October last year. From the information on the site there is no way to tell when it was made, but SS frets have been standard since 2012 and I'd be surprised if it were older than that.

    An unpainted neck JP13 will be from the limited edition all rosewood neck run. That would place it at around late 2013/early 2014.
    '05 JP6 Desert Gold matching headstock, inlays, piezo
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    The SBMM are great guitars, I've got a JP50 and a JP157 and I love them. BUT they are definitely not EBMM (I have a Silhouette Special and an Artisan Majesty). But the SBMM are great workhorses, and great for people who want the EBMM (especially JP stuff) at a more affordable price. For 5-ish years the JP50 was my main axe for gigs, until I got the Majesty.

    Anyway - you might want to look into a used JP6 as those are relatively low in price. What I can say is that the finishes on the backs of the JP necks doesn't get in the way at all. Not sticky by any means. I've played BFRs, the JP12/13s, and the Majesty has a finished neck. All are super fast and you don't stick to the necks.

    If you need the unfinished neck, perhaps a JP15?

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    @SS: That's good to know. I think I might try that one. I love that color so the only thing I'll be missing are the bullets, which I can live w/o everything else considered. I don't need the piezo's, just that style of guitar.

    @JP15: Beautiful guitar, but it's really too much. I'm a good guitar player, but that tips the scale too much to the other side.

    @Not sticky: Good to know. That would really be pushing my financial limits, I'm also a little put off by the silver neck. To my eyes, the unfinished neck with that silver is

    @"Limited run" JP 13: Ok, that makes sense. It's at the Los Angeles store. I'm guessing for it to be that year and in their platinum shop it's grungy lol. I think I'll pass, but I'll probably call them and ask some questions first.....just in case. Big problem with GC is that parts are usually missing (wrong trem, etc)

    Ok, so that clears up a ton. I still like this Sterling but like I said, there are things that nag at me. Leaning toward ordering the non-piezo JP6 and pitting it up side by side before the return date for the Sterling.

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    j..... ch......

    Someone snagged it just as I made the decision, probably someone here lol!!!

    There are two "mint" open boxes which mean less money.

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