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Thread: Maroon 5 rocking ernie ball music man guitars on tour

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    Maroon 5 rocking ernie ball music man guitars on tour

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    If you're one of the tens of millions of people who follow Maroon 5, you may have noticed that lately lead singer Adam Levine has joined his long-time bandmate, and Ernie Ball Music Man signature artist, James Valentine, in playing Ernie Ball Music Man guitars on stage during their current #M5ONTHEROAD tour. Adam has been playing custom colored Ernie Ball Music Man Axis guitars (including a hand stained Trans Pink). James is of course sporting his signature Valentine model.

    Check out pictures on the blog:
    Maroon 5 Rocking Ernie Ball Music Man Guitars On Tour | Ernie Ball Music Man
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    Awesome. I love pink Axis guitars!
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    Nice! Would like to see Adam play that on The Voice.....

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    Hey, a famous dude ripped off my guitar!
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