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Thread: Good Morse Article!

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    Good Morse Article!

    Just posted yesterday, 22 Sep 2016.

    Enjoy: Steve Morse's 12 tips for guitarists | MusicRadar

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    I adore Steve Morse. Any other guy says in an interview 'I'm a very non presumptuous person' and I'll roll my eyes. Not so with him. Every single interview I read he's come across a down to Earth, normal guy who's aware of how privileged he is instead of claiming to own the talent he undoubtedly has.

    The guy has had his issues, no doubt, but as a guitar player, he's a huge inspiration. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming is one of my regular jams at home.

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    Awesome article, thanks for posting. Steve Morse had been such a huge influence on me over the years. There is just something about him that make him stand out above all the rest. He just has the best attitude.

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    Great article...thx for sharing!

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    Great stuff in there - thanks for passing it along!
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    Most excellent read, thanks!

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