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Thread: Clean vs distorted volume

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    Clean vs distorted volume

    I have a Majesty guitar playing though a Marshall MG30FX and the Marshall footswitch. The volume is significantly different when I play the clean and distorted tones. The clean is much louder.

    It is almost certinaly the guitar, since the volume is not different with other guitars.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you.

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    If its when you switch channels on your amp then its the way youre setting your amp up

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    What steevo said. The pickups in Majesty have a strong output and are adding to the distortion on that channel. Amps usually need tweaked with different guitars.

    Try either bumping the distortion channel volume, or better yet, back down on the gain level of that channel - it will cut better.
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    Or does he mean piezo output vs magnetic? Could be the piezo preamp is cranked?

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    I wondered that but reading again, no it's an amp thing. And any amp, it's not a flaw, it's just what happens. What Mike said is correct. Conversely, if you compare a guitar with super low output pickups, the clean channel may sound quieter than the distortion channel.

    In fact you can do the same thing with pedals. Place a clean volume boost in front of a fairly cranked distortion pedal, and then into a clean amp. With the volume boost bypassed, set the volume of the amp and distortion pedal to match. Then switch on the volume boost. The clean channel will become very loud and the distortion won't be much louder, though it will be more distorted and have longer sustain.

    In this example, switching the volume boost on is equivalent to using a louder guitar. Capiche?
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