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Thread: L2 vs L3

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    L2 vs L3

    I may have a chance to get a L2 w/ piezo. I would have sell my L3. I know tone is subjective to each ear with that said how would you compare the emg's to the L3 pickups?


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    The EMGs bring a tone like "hi fi". The Dimarzios of the Luke give a very dynamic, articulated, muscular tone.

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    I prefer lukes sound with the L3. Its a lot more transparent and natural sounding. Only you can decide though

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    L3 all the way... I'll take Dimarzios over EMG any day of the week.
    . Also the volume difference between pickups on L3 can be adjusted, the 85 is much louder than SLVs...

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    EMG's are great and can give great sounds. In my opinion, the Dimarzio's give more tonal options as unlike the EMG's you have the option to get the split position between bridge and middle. Depending on what L3 you have you will also either give up an all rosewood neck or a roasted maple neck. Good luck

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    Ok thanks for all the input...

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    The EMG's are unique. If you want more of a traditional sound go with the L3. The single coils in the L2 are actually really great. They are quieter than the bridge humbucker, but I raised my neck single coil with some foam underneath it and that certainly helped balance out the volume. I don't use the middle pickup too often on any guitar.

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    I prefer the Luke 1/2 sound with the EMG's
    I do use my L3 quite a bit, and it's nice, but I find the Dimarzio's a little overbearing, and they project a lot of personality. Not a bad thing in itself, but the EMG's have a more forgiving transparent nature, with slight compression that suits my playing style more.
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    Thanks guys...i am really liking my L3 tone but am needing a piezo...thought i may have found an L2 with one but didnt happen.

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