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Thread: LUKE II vs Petrucci demo video:

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    LUKE II vs Petrucci demo video:

    Just aquired my 2nd EBMM guitar. It's a LUKE II to go along with my JP6. I did a comparison video for your perusal. I can't decide which one I like better, they're both so great!

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    You know you don't have to like one better, right?

    2016 PDN Starry Night Cutlass (Natural Headstock)
    2010 Barolo JPX (Piezo, Inlays, Matching Headstock)
    2007 Bahama Blue Sparkle Back BFR Luke (GC Exclusive)
    2007 Blue Dawn LE JP6 (Piezo, Inlays, Matching Headstock)
    2006 Dargie Delight I Luke (No Piezo, Natural Headstock)
    2005 Sapphire Black JP6 (Piezo, Inlays, Matching Headstock)

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