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Thread: Can't Believe Nobody Posted This Yet - Starry Night Teaser

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    Is it me or the teaser pics looked a lot bluer?
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    Can't Believe Nobody Posted This Yet - Starry Night Teaser-starrynight-jpg
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    I really, really hope it's just the pictures and that the color is a lot bluer... I was in because of the blue hue.
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    That's one very starry night!

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    I completely hope we will have this " blue touch" in the colour. Difficult to judge on pictures but I' m a bit scared because the Stingray and the JP both share that "greyish only aspect". Let's keep faith in MM.
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    My exact thoughts Pott and Magic Jason...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave1812 View Post
    My Dealer just sent me an E-Mail, telling me that the ETA for my JP is gonna be around March 15th 2017
    There were tons of orders that came in for the Starry Night package, enough so that some of the ones we ordered in the last week and a half of the order window are estimated to ship in January 2017. Add in the NAMM Show rush of instruments for completion around that time and it can back things up a bit longer, plus shipping across the ocean, distributor issues, etc etc
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    I told you guys 2017....

    Boy am I glad I ordered the matching head stock after seeing those pics.

    I'm guessing this pic from the Sweetwater ad is more 'realistic' color wise...

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    Initial fear is now gone : these must be crappy pictures from sweetwater.

    By MM, am I yet to be disapointed... I have absolute faith!

    Matching headstock indeed!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dave1812 View Post
    I still don't like the fact they didn't release images for each model before starting to take orders
    Exactly - because you know I don't take a Morse (or two) no matter what - so not like it was a gamble to build them!

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    The closeup looks darker because it's the edge of the body and the burst is taking effect.
    Still looks greyer than blue to me... Guess we'll see as pictures arrive.

    I ordered a non-matching headstock because I felt it'd go well with the blue, but not so well with the grey. That's just me though. It'd just make a greyer paint even more disappointing.

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    God I hope the Sweetwater Pics are badly color balanced
    I ordered the non matching Headstock too gonna have to sell my Starry Night if it's that grey.

    hope it looks more like this in real life
    Can't Believe Nobody Posted This Yet - Starry Night Teaser-starrynightcc-jpg
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    Guys, before getting all excited, remember the pic that started all this - the St. V, that came from EB, not a vendor. It's much bluer. I'm banking on that one being more accurate. Also remember how difficult it is to get accurate color reps of some EB finishes. We had lots of discussions about Barolo when it came out. My Bahama Blue is all over the map too. Let's just wait for some new official pics.

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    I like it. Bring on my Stingray!
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    I don't like it at al in those pics, but like Mike said, I'll reserve judgement until it's in my hands. Most recent ebmm finishes are very difficult to photo. I take some the best ****ty amateur photos of guitars ever haha, and it's dang near impossible to show many recent finishes from EBMM well. Here's hoping that's the case with this one!
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    I fully expect "color balance" and "hard to capture" have a lot to do with it. Plenty of prior MM finishes 'change' depending on the lighting. My ex LIII in Bohdi Blue was a perfect example of that...went from blue to gray to silver depending on the angle of light.
    That had nothing to do with it being a fabulous instrument.

    I like the look of this Starry Night finish, but I ordered an ALHH because of the features. If the color is a little off, that certainly wouldn't make me change my mind about it...
    Balls are Best!!

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