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Thread: Back in the fold: Stingray!

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    Back in the fold: Stingray!

    Hi, just joined the forum and am the owner of a used Stingray I purchased from another forum member. I will post some pics of my own when I get a chance but found this post when guitar was purchased...

    NGD: Stingray Content

    I owned several EB's in the early 2000's including a natural Axis that was my main gigging guitar for several years even though I never used the floyd. :-) For some reason I went away from them and got stuck on a Gibson/Fender/boutique merry-go-round. Still love my Les Pauls, but saw a Cutlass in the local store the other day and it rekindled my interest in EB.

    Have only played the Stingray a few hours but man, I forgot how high quality these guitars are! I am looking forward to spending a lot of time with it over the Thanksgiving weekend. Setup seems pretty spot on, but put new D'Addario 10's on it last night, and plan on playing with pickup heights and spring tensions. The pickups seem pretty high to me and the trem is set flat with a LOT of tension from 3 springs so may loosen the trem claw.

    Anyway, excited to own this new-for-me Stringray and be on the forum!


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    Congrats - you've got a great guitar there. On my wish list one of these. EBMM is gonna bankrupt me yet lol
    Gone from none to 3 inside a year myself. 2 Alberts and a Cutlass

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    Congrats on the Stingray, and welcome to the forum! And yes, it's hard to put these guitars down.
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