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Thread: EBMM 2017 new line up!

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    Oh my!
    Majesty Monarchy Series is gorgeous!!!
    Especially "Imperial Blue" one.
    I will pick it up whenever it becomes available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nathanhny View Post
    I am loving that they have named the new Luke finish Tumescent!! XD
    That's the name one of luke's song
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    Quote Originally Posted by Razzle View Post
    OMG!!! They came out with the perfect Majesty!!! I LOVE it!!!

    I would LOVE a luke like that !!!
    currently recording my second solo album for grooveyard records on LIII HH / HSS

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    Quote Originally Posted by tristan klein View Post
    That's the name one of luke's song
    I know, its just cool they allowed the finish to be named that if you google what tumescent can mean
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    The Red monarch majesty is the most stunning guitar I ever saw, it shreds my heart to know I'll probably never be able to buy it in europe, since it'll cost something like 6-7k$ here...
    The purple one is gorgeous.
    Congratulations EBMM, those finish choices are killers !
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    Quote Originally Posted by nathanhny View Post
    I know, its just cool they allowed the finish to be named that if you google what tumescent can mean
    STEVE LUKATHER - Tumescent - YouTube
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    Stunning. Nice work EBMM.
    I was punting on how long it would be before a non-gold-hardware-trans-colour Majesty was released .....
    I punted wrong ! d'oh !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Poppa View Post
    no good deed goes unpunished.
    I've already spoken to a store about the 30th Anniversary Stingray 5.
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    love this black majesty!!!
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    The Stealth St. Vincent is really awesome looking! Stay tuned Pete Dubaldo, I may be calling soon!

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    An HSS Cutlass would've been a great idea...dangit!

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    I wonder what else big papa and company are holding out on? 😁

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    Already talked to my guy, I do believe a Majestic Purple 7 string Monarchy series will be entering the household as soon as is humanly possible! Royal Red is stunning as well, but I can't justify 2 red 6 string Majesties in the household at this point in time :-(
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