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Thread: My Perfect Music Man Guitar..The John Luke!

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    My Perfect Music Man Guitar..The John Luke!

    Hi guys,
    I'm new here but I thought this would be a fun first post. First off, having played everything and owned almost as much, I cannot help but be impressed by Music Man guitars. It's tough to have an individual voice in the guitar wold today and still have universal appeal. Guitarists are pretty traditional people and tend to develop their style around what they used in their formative years.

    I currently have a LukeIII,HSS. It's an exceptional guitar, probably not the perfect guitar for me but easily up there with the Suhrs, Anderson etc.. I've owned and a much better deal.

    So here's my ideal guitar with the reasons why.

    Body: Petrucci style alder.... I like alder for it's versatility and consistency. I like the fuller size and contours of the Petrucci style. The difference for me is standing up. Sitting down, it doesn't really matter but when I stand, the Luke seems flatter in the back and sticks out more.

    Neck: Petrucci back shape. Baked maple with a rosewood fretboard. Jescar 47/100 nickel frets. 22 frets. 12" radius. 1-11/16-2-1/4"...I find the Luke back shape a little small and the frets are too low for me. I feel cramped compared to other guitars. For some reason, the Petrucci feels right (like a Jem 777 only better) but I'm a fan of 12" radius. I find it better for playing complex chords. I don't trust stainless steel frets. Too often, I hear a "ping" in the attack. It has to have the famous music man wax sealed neck!

    Electronics: Straight up Luke III here. The transition pickups with the preamp is awesome. The best electronics I've ever used. The preamp is a game changer to me and I don't even use the boost. The ability to balance out the volume between the humbucker and the single coils with no apparent tone degradation, changed the way I play and think about my pickup selection during songs...huge!

    These pickups are so soulful and versatile, in this guitar.

    Bridge: Straight up Luke. Another genius device yet probably overlooked because it looks so simple. I think someone spent a lot of time fine tuning this guy. It plays and sounds very much like a traditional strat trem but with way more sensitivity and stability, perfect for Jeff Beck type stuff with no play in the arm..what's not to like?

    There you go..

    The "John Luke"
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    I'd buy one of those yesterday.

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