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Thread: EBMM JP / Albert Lee necks...

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    EBMM JP / Albert Lee necks...

    Hi all,

    I've been a very happy EBMM Luke user (exclusively so) for the last few years, and my curiosity of other models is finally getting the better of me. I'm going to grab another EBMM soon, and think I might try a JP or an Albert Lee.

    I was wondering if anyone could give me a 'this is how the neck on a JP / Albert Lee compares to a Luke neck'.

    I used to have an Ibanez and the wizard neck was a bit too thin for me - worried the JP might be similar, but the BFR JPs look SO good that I'd love to get one at some point.

    I know trying them myself is obviously the best, but if anyone could provide any advice to help me narrow my choice that would be great.


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    I cannot stand Wizard necks, but I had no issue with the JP neck. That guitar wasn't for me ultimately (a JP6) and I now pretty much just use the AL HH

    The JP is indeed a little flatter, but has a pleasant asymmetry to it (at least to me). It does not have the narrow nut of other MM models (which is partly why I went back to my other MM guitars). The AL's neck is a lot rounder, like a pleasant C, and to me feels like I've always played it and takes no adjustment at all.

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    Ive got an ibanez rg with the wizard neck and loved it for a while. Also owned the rg 7 string which had a lovely neck, a lot nicer for me because it was beefier than the 6 string neck. Ive got a silo special now and can easily say its the most comfortable neck ive ever played, doesnt matter what style you play.

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    I'm not going to be a lot of help, but I own close to 20 EBMMs and my opinion is that EBMM makes the best necks in the business. I have no issues switching instantly from a Luke to an AL to an Axis to a JP, finished or oil/wax. My Armada neck is a bit large, but after a short adjustment, I'm fine. My favorites are my Lukes and my Majesties. If it says Music Man on the headstock, it will be done right!
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    The LIII I had was a soft V shape, which to me felt narrow at the nut.
    My JP6 & Maj are more flat shred necks, but very comfortable. Not near as extreme as wizard necks.
    My AL's are a full, round C shape (which has become my personal preference over time...)

    I've heard from many people that EBMM make the best necks in the business, and I have to agree...
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    I owned a JP for a while - however I just couldn't get on with the shallow profile and my forearm used to cramp up. For me, the Al neck is just right. I remember the first EB guitar I tried was a Luke - that was back in 2005, and the Hard V didn't feel nice to me. I may be wrong, but I think the Luke profile has changed? IMO, the necks on the Al, silo and Axis are all pretty similar.
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    Probably not the best comparison since they're probably both relatively flat, but over the past 4 days, I've bounced back and forth between my Majesty 7 and JP16-6 without issue. Both necks feel great. Just got the 16 over the weekend. Still owe the forum and NGD post with picks.

    I would concur that the EBMM necks are the best I've ever played. I considered a PRS S2 as my 6 string option, but after trying it and then the JP16, I just had to stay with the EBMM, even though it was more expensive. I'm pretty much addicted now.


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    Not to be redundant - the Albert Lee will be closer to your Luke than a JP will.
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    I actually just bought a JP6 last night and am loving it (so easy to play). I mostly play Morse / Albert Lee, and purposely spent some time tonight switching between them, plus a 25th (Reflex) and Axis Sport. (I don't have a Luke, but have had a few previously.) I really didn't have any problems adjusting to any of them.

    As described, the Albert Lee isn't that far from a Luke neck. You'll find it beefier, but probably adjust quickly. The JP is a bit different. Though it's a thin neck, it's not too thin. Biggest difference for me was the radius, but you quickly adjust your bends and then forget about it. (The pickups are another story though.)

    I suppose it all depends how sensitive you are to neck profiles. I can't say I'm too bothered one way or another - after a few minutes, whatever I'm playing feels fine (and that includes other brands). There's a reason so many players love the JP series, it's really a great guitar.

    (And while you're considering other models ... ahem ... Morse ...)

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    Thanks for all the feedback and advice guys. Appreciate it.

    I think this has basically confirmed what I thought (hoped) in that I could pick up any EBMM and it'll most likely be awesome. I think I'll try and grab a second hand JP or Albert Lee (or Morse :P) and see how I get on. This thread has certainly made me feel much less hesitant about doing so.

    Thanks again - and Merry Christmas!


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    I have no problem switching between my LIII and my ALHH. The AL is fuller and maybe more comfortable but that is subjective. Give me a holler if you decide on an AL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beej View Post
    I mostly play Morse / Albert Lee,
    looks familiar
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