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Thread: What do you think a Jp15BB #1 of 300 is worth?

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    What do you think a Jp15BB #1 of 300 is worth?

    Mint condition. Case kept. Has all case candy receipt, cert of authenticity, and signed numbered backplate. 2 hours play time. I've seen them listed high but they are located in Japan and other places outside the us. Thoughts?
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    Exactly the same as another one. This one just happened to come out first out the assembly line. It's not built any better or worse.

    JP15s are worth 2k second hand, this is a BB so maybe 2.5k, 3k if you're lucky.

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    There's a for sale thread for posting stuff. Really, you just have to pick a number. Lots of sites out there where you can see comparable prices.

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