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Thread: Albert Lee MM90 advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GWDavis28 View Post
    Albert Lee MM90 advice.-1f675b94-4d59-4fcb-b98f-fb3069ad8083-jpg

    Battle Scars. If it hadn't had a painted head stock I was going to make an offer and do what Jason did and have a repaint done. Nice snag.

    Glenn |B)
    I liked the painted headstock. Do you just prefer a non painted headstock?

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    I prefer matching headstocks on some guitars, but not all. A lot of others don't like them at all ... just personal preference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elecmed1 View Post
    I liked the painted headstock. Do you just prefer a non painted headstock?
    I'm a non-painted head stock guy myself all the way. I love seeing the wood and I like how it breaks up the head stock, neck and body. I've passed up guitars I've loved because the head stock has been painted. It also probably kept me out of the poor house and kept me married as well, Hahahahahahaha.

    My opinion, strip it and just paint the body.

    Glenn |B)
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    This ^
    Always prefer a natural headstock. Maybe twice I’ve seen a painted one I liked - the Black Mariposa being one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by threeminutesboy View Post
    you can try is to replace the humbuckers in your PDN with Phat Cats. That's easy and reversible
    Phat Cat is a cool pup, but you just can’t beat the M90. There’s a few of us who have removed the M90 bridge pickup from an Axis MM90 (I sold mine to a buddy, sorry) for a Super Distortion, but I’d go with the Ernie Ball M90 over any other P90 pup. They’re worth the hassle of hunting them down (or buying a stock AL M90)
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