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Thread: Strings for Majesty?

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    Strings for Majesty?

    There are many string choices. What would be best to put on a Majesty? My son has been letting guitar center restring, but he wants to do it himself. What should he get?

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    There is no right or wrong answer. Different gauges will feel/sound different, and they make strings out of various materials too, so that impacts the sound as well. If he uses the same gauge that Banjo Center has been putting on for him he won't have to make too many adjustments (if any) to the springs and trem, but trying different gauges isn't a bad idea so that he'll know what he prefers. Me personally?.. my favorite strings by far are the Ernie Ball RPS hybrid set, at least for standard tuning. It has been years and I've yet to break an RPS string. For lower tunings I'll use a heavier RPS set.

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    Odd question. What style of music does your son like to play and what was he used to and what did he like string-wise before his Majesty? The guitar comes with Regular Slinky 10-46 strings which were a little stiff for my liking so I dropped to Extra Slinky 8-38. This requires removing a spring, tweaking the truss rod and claw screws and patience. How old is your son? I strongly suggest that he read some posts here regarding strings and the tremolo set-up and give it a go; I've done my own guitar set-up since I was 14; it's a good thing to learn.

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