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Thread: Stingray Guitar Pickguards

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    Stingray Guitar Pickguards

    So I just picked up a black MM Stingray guitar and it's super nice. My first MM and I'm in love. I can play for an hour and have zero fatigue in my hand. Now I have my eye on a Valentine - not that I have any cash left!

    Anyway, I'm looking to swap the black pickguard for a tortoiseshell one (the one that comes on the red or tobacco burst Stingray guitars). The cost for a new MM one is pretty hefty, considering. Does anyone know good pickguard manufacturers are? Or where I could find someone to trade pickguards (my black one for a tortoiseshell)? It being a unique guitar, it's hard to come by.

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    I think you can get music man pick ups from chandler

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fender74 View Post
    I think you can get music man pick ups from chandler
    He means pickguards. Google Chandler's Pickguard heaven.
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    Did you ever end up getting a new pickguard? I am thinking of doing the same thing.
    Thanks -Frank

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    I am considering my first MM guitar, which is the Stingray. I was thinking I would like to swap the tortoise shell for the black. I will post back if I purchase. Maybe we can do a trade.

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