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Thread: New Paradigm Promo Videos

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    Thumbs up New Paradigm Promo Videos

    Just saw these videos and wow...those are some tough strings. I love how JP rips out the whammy bar trying to break them. Incredible!! Can't wait to hear how they sound on my Valentine.

    Ernie Ball Paradigm: Stronger Than John Petrucci - YouTube
    Ernie Ball Paradigm: Stronger Than Kenny Wayne Shepherd - YouTube

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    Does is say anywhere what material they are made from?

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    2001 MM90 AL

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    Nope. My guess? Unicorn tears fused with adamantium.

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    I'm known in my band for breaking strings at EVERY gig...even low E's (AND B's!). Looks like I found my newest set of strings to try out...

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