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Thread: Albert Lee SSS silent circuit wiring (again)

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    Albert Lee SSS silent circuit wiring (again)


    Im currently trying to upgrade my Albert Lee SSS with a Silent Circuit.
    I figured out most of the wiring, however Im not sure about what to do with the yellow wire from the SS.
    This is how my 5 way switch is currently connected:

    Right side:
    1: Neck PU
    2: Middle PU
    3: BridgePU
    4: Volume Pot

    Left side:
    1: SS yellow wire

    I guess I have to connect some of the unused lugs to ground, so that the yellow wire is connected to ground in switch positions 2 and 4?

    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks in advance

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    You don't really need the yellow wire, as the signal of the Silent Circuit will cancel out in 2 & 4. (Since every pickup is connected to it.)

    Best bet is to email customer support and they can send you a wiring diagram (when they're back from NAMM). It's hard to describe this way.

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    With that switch, you can't connect yellow to ground in just positions 2 and 4.

    A quick google search found me the MM90 Albert Lee diagram which should be almost identical to the SSS version and just as you have already described. The yellow is connected to the second side of the switch, I assume just for "house keeping" so it's not flopping around. The other terminals on that side are not connected to anything. That means the silent circuit is active in all positions, in posns 2 & 4 the pickups are hum-cancelling and the silent circuit is self-cancelling.

    Edit after a little thought: The way it's done is actually the most efficient way to get the required result - only the most simple switch and least amount of wiring required! Very smart!
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    Thanks for your answer!
    I also followed the MM90 wiring diagram, but thought that maybe some connections aren't included because the yellow wire seemed to do nothing useful.
    Now I just have to wait for some molex contacts and then I'm ready to try it.
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    Finished wiring everything up and tried for the first time.
    Works like a charm, noise level is now noticeably lower than before.
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    Hey great!

    They're handy little things. I've put Silent Circuits in a bunch of my guitars, for coil splits, etc. Works well.

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