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Thread: Good place to order the same type of switches as used for the HH MusicMan?

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    Good place to order the same type of switches as used for the HH MusicMan?

    Right now all my dual-humbuckers guitars are wired in the same way MusicMans are, with the split 'buckers (inner/outer) for positions 2/4. It's all the sounds I ever need.

    One of my most recent acquisitions doesn't have the right type of switch, and is instead wired with just split coil positions, instead of both pickups splits.

    I bought all my previous switches in Europe; where could I procure the right ones here in NA? I'm going to replace a Schaller normal 5 way switch.

    I always get myself confused with superswitches and megaswitches...

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    Call ebmm...they've sold me factory parts before...decent prices too
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    Yep. I keep spares of most of those parts for just those kinds of project.

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    Thanks guys; I called them up; $30 for a switch + $7 shipping is a little steep, though Billy on the phone was very nice and we had a good chat.
    Looks like Oak Grigsby Super Switch | may be a good alternative. I'll check it out tonight after looking at dimensions etc...

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    Check out
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    I ordered the Oak Grigsby. Unfortunately it looks as if the switch on the guitar (a Vigier) is a Schaller, so the Grigsby may not fit (mounting holes distance is a little different between those models). We'll see!

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    Is there an e-mail for me to contact them? I don't live in the US but there's a friend of mine in Boston for a few weeks, I need a new toggle switch for a 2003 JP6 I recently acquired and also the pots for volume and tone for a JP12, they are a bit rusty.

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    To contact EBMM? See my signature.

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