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Thread: Albert Lee neck vs. Cutlass Neck

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    Albert Lee neck vs. Cutlass Neck

    I'm considering purchasing an Albert Lee HH without having ever played one. I really like the sound and looks of this model, and I have read that they play well. I have played a Cutlass and the neck and fret spacing seem pretty much perfect on that guitar, but I prefer the humbuckers of the Albert Lee. So I'm wondering, how do the neck and fret spacing of the Albert Lee HH compare to those of the Cutlass? Thanks for the help.

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    Haven't tried a Cutlass so I honestly can't help you. I bet there shouldn't be a HUGE difference.

    But if you like the looks of the AL and consider an HH... I'd say it's the best axe ever (with the coil-split mod).
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    I have a Cutlass and I had an Albert Lee in the past. The necks on mine were similar with the Cutlass being slightly larger. I doubt you'll have a problem with the AL if you like the Cutlass.

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    Seconded. I have both and change between them with ease. Cutlass has a nice subtle V over the first 5-6 frets while AL is C all the way. Fret spacing seemed near enough identical to my paws

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    Have you considered a StingRay guitar? It is very similar to the Cutlass but with HH config.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fender_Champ View Post
    Have you considered a StingRay guitar? It is very similar to the Cutlass but with HH config.
    Along those lines, the Luke3 also has HH available and a neck profile VERY similar to the Cutlass.
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    I like the way the Sting Ray sounds, but the neck and frets don't feel right to me.

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