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Thread: New For 2017 - SBMM JP160!

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    New For 2017 - SBMM JP160!

    Here is our New for 2017 JP160!

    Based on the JP16, I am personally very VERY excited about this guitar!
    Why you may ask?


    This is the first time that Sterling by Music Man has been able to take the John Petrucci Signature Series directly at our competition (not gonna name any names, but, I think that you'll get it...) and those players who love John but, having a double locking tremolo is a must. Normally, as you probably know, all of the SBMM JP Series has our floating "Modern Tremolo". This one has our new SBMM Double Locking tremolo based on the Floyd Rose "Low Profile" tremolo that is on the EBMM JP16.

    It's available in both Pearl White and Black Metallic, has a gorgeous Roasted Maple neck with Rosewood fretboard, Push-Push 12dB boost on the volume control, and comes with our SBMM padded Gig Bag.

    All this rockin' goodness for just $699 USA Street Price!!!

    Yes, I think it's gonna be a real shake-up/wake-up for our competition, and could possibly be our best selling JP to date.

    Check it out...

    New For 2017 - SBMM JP160!-jp160-bkm-pwh-jpg
    New For 2017 - SBMM JP160!-jp160-body-jpg
    New For 2017 - SBMM JP160!-jp160-body-rear-jpg
    New For 2017 - SBMM JP160!-jp160-headstock-jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New For 2017 - SBMM JP160!-jp160-headstock-rear-jpg  
    Brian Martin
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    Wow! Killer package at a killer price. You're going to shake it up, Brian.

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    Last year, i fell in love with the MM jp16 but i could not buy it!! Now That there is the sterling jp160!!! Yeesss !!!
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    Again...just wow.....
    Balls are Best!!

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    Sorry to thread jump but any update on the valentine!?

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    The white pearl w/ black hardware is magic on these. Add in a roasted maple neck and it's a killer axe.

    Here's a full-length neck shot to compliment Brian's photos above.

    Have you got G.A.S. for another EBMM???
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    Great!!! Thanks for the pix! Can't wait for the 160....
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    What finish is on all of the SBMM roasted maple necks?
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    I really dig figured necks, but I also really appreciate ones like that with a straight, strong looking grain...
    Balls are Best!!

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