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Thread: 1992 Ernie Ball Music Man Quesions!

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    I had another look at the neck plate, second viewing makes me think it is recessed. Perhaps what through me off was that the MM logo on the plate is the newer version, the combination of the recessed and new logo did not seem to fit well with me. Clearly I'm wrong and I've learnt something new!

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    The neckplate is recessed, so everything makes sense now! Thanks to everyone for their input, so glad to be part of the club.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe web View Post
    just my thoughts!
    my 1991 EVH has only numbers as its serial and no letters.
    would go for a 2002 as well...but better post it again, maybe something went wrong.
    maybe the serial number without the G is a1992 number....
    Aha, that's what I was thinking of: the digits could be repeated. but later models would have the "G" prefix - as in there could be a 12345 and a G12345.

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