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Thread: Help me decide which to get (Silo Special or JP6)

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    Help me decide which to get (Silo Special or JP6)

    Hi all, first time poster here. I've been talking EBMM on another forum and thought I'd go right to the source. I really want to drink the Kool-Aid and get my first Music Man, but I'm left handed so my options are very limited.
    I've narrowed it down to a Silhouette Special (used or new old stock) or a JP6. I play a variety of styles but mostly blues and rock. I find myself lately spending more time learning shreddy licks and I'm not sure if a Silo is a great shred machine in itself, or if I should go for the JP6 to fill that need. I prefer the aesthetics and HSS combo of the Silo to some degree, but the SS frets, Piezo and thin neck are favorable to the JP6.

    Can any informed voices speak to this dilemma and help me figure it out? I can't find any lefties in person to play so it's difficult to really make an informed decision on my own. Thanks'

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    Without 1st hand experience, an informed decision is obviously not an option. A guitar's picture can never illustrate the instrument's feel in person. However, I can guarantee to a certain degree that the JP6 is a very player friendly, comfortable, and above all a very VERSATILE machine. Should you install a split-coil pot in order to access the single coils of the pickups as well, there is not much that this guitar cannot do, if any at all.

    Concerning the Silo, I have never even seen one in person.

    Good luck!! =D

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    I have a JP6 and Silhouette HSH. JP6 has higher output pickups and the neck is a little wider. The Silhouette has so many pickup tone options and thumb wraps in the low e string are effortless. I swap between the two easily. The JP6 floating bridge is perfect. So, in the end you will end up with both.
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    Remember the Silo Special (SSH) is 22 frets and the Silo (HSH) is 24 frets.

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    Thanks for the replies. I could definitely take one of each but that'll have to wait. Does the JP6 trem stay in tune much better than the Silo trem? I hear they're both very good

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    I have both and can say that for general flexibility, the Silo Special wins for me. The JP6 is lovely, but leans more towards harder rock and shreddy material. I'm sure others may disagree, but I've always played punk/ska/rock and for cleans and some dirt, but not shred, the Silo Special has been my go-to.

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    I shred on my silo specials they necks are really fast, I also like the fact that the trem isn't floating so you can drop D if you need to for a tune at a gig of you do that, I did however change out the humbuckers on both my silo specials they just were not hot enough but also as was mentioned the JP has a wider fretboard at the nut so you need to play some of them but have comfy bodies....

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    Quote Originally Posted by behrens View Post
    I have both and can say that for general flexibility, the Silo Special wins for me. The JP6 is lovely, but leans more towards harder rock and shreddy material. I'm sure others may disagree, but I've always played punk/ska/rock and for cleans and some dirt, but not shred, the Silo Special has been my go-to.
    Have to agree with the above - I have both and the Silo Spec. is a great all around guitar, does Blues, funky stuff, and you can shred on it - definitely an all around work horse - AND great rock/blues/funk tones. Silo spec was my goto guitar in our classic rock / disco cover band, and you should hear Elmer Ferrer play fusion jazz/blues on it. I have no issues with the Silo tremolo, it's all in the way it is set up. While the JP6 is a great rock guitar it definitely leans towards more heavy rock and shred type playing. Both are great instruments.
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    For blues and rock, I think a Silhouette Special would do the job very well.
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    LOVE the Silo Special. Incredibly versatile, trem works great too (mine is set floating).
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    Beyond everything else, there's a big difference between those two necks. I know it's hard when you can't play them, but they will feel totally different. The Silo Special is very comfortable- easy to wrap your thumb over the fretboard, etc. and just grab on to. The JP is flatter and wider. I like them both, but for different things. Also, as Kev says, the Silo Special is more versatile.

    Can you shred on a Silo Special? Hell yeah. Among others, I've watched Vinnie Moore bend space and time on one. (Incredible.)

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    I had both and i can say u can get great sounds from both but necks are completely different... Silo has a fuller and narrower at nut profile while JP is thinner more "shredastic" neck... U wont go wrong with either, but i would take JP6 any day of the week over Silo... Just overall more versatile, imho...

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    Oddball question but did you get dents in the JP6 because of the Basswood?

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    Nope, i got dents because of the years of gigging lol Didnt notice basswod is more prone to dents than any other wood...

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    Bit late to this - but I own both and can agree with most of the comments here.

    The SS is more of a vintage beast; but its really versatile so it can handle the shred and heavy playing very well. The neck single coil handles a tonne of gain very well and i love that tone (partly due to the silent circuit maybe).

    To my ears, the JP is more compressed with its higher output pickups and the neck is built for shredding - whilst the SS has a bit more meat in it. Also, if you're a whammy bar fiend - the JP trem is the best I've ever played.

    Ultimately, I'd recommend the SS as it 100% fits your blues rock needs and is very easy to shred on in any case (especially if you're a yngwie fan)

    Good luck! You won't be dissapointed
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