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Thread: When will the Monarchy Majesty ship?

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    When will the Monarchy Majesty ship?

    Just curious if anyone knew when the first batch of Monarchy Majesty's are being shipped to dealers. I was told earliest would be April and was hoping definitely April and not May
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    I think you should expect them to ship around May or June. I had one on order, cancelled it later on, but my contact said that his EBMM representative said to expect it around the afore mentioned time frame.

    I hope you get your hands on it as soon as possible =)

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    The wait is killing me! Haha
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    In a Gear Godz NAMM video, JP said April. Don't be surprised if it's weeks/months after depending on backorder, etc.

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    I preordered before Christmas. So I'm hoping for that first batch *crosses fingers*
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    I'm foaming at the mouth for one of these purple Monarchys.
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    Saw so many of them in production last week, so many....

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    I'll be ordering a Red or Purple Monarchy Majesty; so excited about the shipping date. Where have you guys pre-ordered? I haven't find any stores to order!
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    Pete at Dubaldo music will take care of you or The Axe Palace (where I preordered from)
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    Looks like next week!
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    I hope that bad boy is in your hands soon!

    Please post pics when it arrives ... that is, if you can stop playing long enough to snap and post them.
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    Seems like they are in-stock now at guitar or Musicians
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    We should start a Majesty thread. Who owns a Majesty, what finish and series? Still waiting on mine but hopefully soon. My Polar Noir still gets all the play
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