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Thread: Can I order a turquoise Cutlass with a maple fretboard?

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    Can I order a turquoise Cutlass with a maple fretboard?

    So I finally got to try a Cutlass and have decided it will be my next guitar and first MM. I'm pretty excited. I want the turquoise model but only see it offered with rosewood. Is there any way to get a maple fretboard?

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    I'm with you! I just ordered a SBMM Cutlass in Sea Foam green as it's not available for the EBMM version.

    The new Coral Red looks awesome but could not find one yet. May be later... Gotta keep the GAS flowing.

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    Don't think so. Keep your eye out for special editions tho

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    The turquoise only comes with a rosewood fretboard unless Ernie Ball does a special edition run with maple necks (or someone swaps necks)
    Have you got G.A.S. for another EBMM???
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    Got it. Thanks everybody.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jds22 View Post
    Got it. Thanks everybody.
    actually, if you got the turqoise you could post here offering a neck swap. i know members have done it with albert lees before.

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