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Thread: Replacement potentiometer Luke 1

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    Replacement potentiometer Luke 1

    Hi There,
    Can anyone tell me what type of potmeter i need for my Luke 1?
    I can't find any values or diagrams of this.
    Thank you!


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    Wouldn't you just need an EMG 25k volume pot?
    Where's your Majesty?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slater View Post
    Wouldn't you just need an EMG 25k volume pot?
    I'm measuring 18K and has a very wide solid shaft. Can't find it anywhere online.
    It's soldered to a little custom 'Luke' print.

    It has EMG pickups but no EMG 5-way switch nor EMG potmeter.
    MM is redirecting me to the Dutch distributor, but they are not answering my request.

    I think i'll replace it all with fresh standard EMG solderless hardware.

    Thanks for your reply.

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