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Thread: Real weight of JPXI and JP12?

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    Question Real weight of JPXI and JP12?

    Hi everyone,

    According to the official specs, the JPXI and the JP12 weight about the same of the original JP6 model (variations may happen, of course). However, I've seen some people saying that the JPXI and the JP12 are a bit heavier than the JP6, what I can understand, because of body size and woods.

    In another example: I had a JP6 BFR koa, and altough listed as the same weight of others BFRs, the koa was crazy heavy, probably because of the full mahogany body. I checked this myself, comparing my koa to other BFRs.

    Now, here's the question: does anyone who own a JPXI/JP12 and also a JP6 can say anything about weight comparison?

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    This is my lineup "to a T". If memory serves correct, my weights are as follows:

    JP6 (2): 7 lbs 11 oz, 7 lbs 6 oz
    JPXI: 8 lbs 5 oz
    JP12: 8 lbs

    So there is some spread, difficult to say if there is a trend in general or not but that is my limited experience.

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    I owned a JP6 and a JP7 in the past, as well as a JPX-6. The JPX-6, JPXI-6 and JP12-6 are noticeably heavier. Even heavier than the JP7. Doesn't take more than a couple of seconds to realise. The JPXVI (JP16) weighs about the same as the JP6 and JP7, and still less than the JPX-6, JPXI-6 and JP12-6.

    ohbugger's numbers seem to agree with the above. Also, a store online shows the JPXI on the scale weighing 3.710 kilograms.

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    So I was guessing right. Thanks guys.

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    My JPX6 and JP6 are nearly identical:

    JPX6 = 7.6 lbs
    JP6 = 7.5 lbs
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    You can guess just on the basis of which body woods and what their average density is, which guitar might be heavier, but it'll only ever be "might". Remember, even +/- 5% variance in density can mean +/- 6 oz on these guitars. And wood samples of the same species from different places, or different ages from the same forest can vary by much more than that!
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