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Thread: Totally new member with SUB1

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    Of course I share my experiences and my knowledge.
    People may say that the paint comes off quickly. It depends on the sanding paper or the sponge. Or God forbid, some can use a machine for the entire process.
    First of all you have to mask the fretboard and the headstock. Tha masking tape has to cover the side of the frets too on the side of the fretboard. It is very important otherwise you can cause problem of your frets.
    I chose 400 grit sanding sponge. (I wanted to buy rougher, but the store ran out of the 360grit sponge) First I started to sand the non-visible places. You know, I wasn't truly shure the outcome. Then I saw the result and I started to sand the visible parts. It was really long and tiring process. But it worth because the neck has become smooooooth.
    This video is a great help for the preparation and the process:
    This is Why You Suck at Guitar: Your Neck Finish Sucks (oil and wax finish tutorial) - YouTube
    I warmly advise you to watch it if you want to get rid of the sticky gloss finish of your guitar neck.
    If you have more questions, don't hesitate my friend.
    2/22/05 EBMM Sub1 X12770 oil/wax neck, cinnamon body, almost HSS w/5 way

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    The oil/wax finish is better than anything else that exists. I did this with my Sub 1 some years ago (a full write up was done here right before the wheel was invented). This is such a solid, good guitar. I still have mine (have sold almost all of my other guitars). One of my sons is playing it these days.
    7/29/04 EBMM Sub1 X11376 oil/wax neck, gloss black body, faux binding, HSS w/5 way and silent circuit
    keep in mind that you are talking about four pieces of wood two pots one switch a trem along with springs two pickups and some wire.....BP

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