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Thread: JP6 volume and tone change on middle P/U

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    I thought the JP's were purposely wired out of phase to get that super clean tone in the middle position?

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    The middle position of a JP is two coils in parallel. The signal is in phase, but the coils are reverse wound reverse polarity (RWRP) with respect to one another, so the hum they induce is out of phase. When you combine them, the noise cancels out.

    This is the same principle used in humbuckers, strats, the Silent Circuit, etc. when in the split positions, etc. Pick 2 coils where one is RWRP with respect to the other and the noise will be out of phase and will cancel (regardless of whether you wire them in series or parallel).

    What makes them sound cleaner is the reduced inductance of the coils (resistance and inductance decrease when you combine coils in parallel), which gives you a less middy sound (more highs and lows).
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