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Thread: New Cutlass

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    New Cutlass

    Hey all. So after wanting a MM guitar for years I was finally able to pull the trigger.

    I've been mostly a dual humbucker/high gain player but lately have been wanting to get more into funk, blues, and soul using less gain.

    I knew I wanted single coils but have never liked the feel of strats. Just something about them doesn't gel with me. But I wanted to give them a fair shot so I decided to try 3 different models along with a Cutlass. I tried the Roadhouse, new American Professional and the new American Elite. Again, none of them really did anything for me.

    After trying the Fenders I asked to see the Cutlass. After just a few minutes I knew I had to have it. I love the shape and feel of the neck. I also like the position of the volume knob and rounded neck heel. Two things that bug me about strats.

    I bought it new from CG. It does have a bit of fret sprout but the humidity is slowly taking care of that. I"m still getting used to the sound of singles and less gain but this has given me something new to work on and hopefully get me out of my rut.

    New Cutlass-fullsizerender-4-jpg
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    Oh man, you're really scratching my own gas though! Have been looking around for a SSS type of guitar for a while, and was planning to pit the cutlass against exactly the Fender models you mentioned here. Before coming here I'm almost closing a deal on the Cutlass and was feeling a bit bad for not even having tried the Fenders. Then you post this.... I can see how this is going to end for me

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    Man after my own heart - I've got a sister guitar to that. Best colour ever

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    Definitely give the strats a try.

    Then when you decide on the Cutlass at least you'll know you gave them a fighting chance.

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    Ditto here on the volume knob thing. On Strats they are ALWAYS in the way. The Cutlass is near perfect for me, and is incredibly inspirational to play. My only preference would be to have the front loading jack so I don't have to worry about damage when I'm just sitting around noodling.

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    Vintage Turquoise is my absolute favorite finish on the Cutlass. Congrats!!

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    Same color here as well. One thing about the Cutlass is the pickup sound great! I don't hear too much about them but they are really fat and bright at the same time. Perfect.
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    Congrats!!! Great color and great color
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    mmmmm liking that!
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    Congratulations!! Enjoy =D
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    Huge congrats!!!!
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    Nice. I came so close to pulling the trigger on the scuffed up one at DuBaldo's last week, but I'm really trying to discipline myself to save up enough for a new amp. I do feel the need for a strat-style, single coil in my arsenal, and I'm thinking the turquoise Cutlass might be it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spychocyco View Post
    Nice. I came so close to pulling the trigger on the scuffed up one at DuBaldo's last week, but I'm really trying to discipline myself to save up enough for a new amp.
    Ha, I tried to buy that one! But for some strange reason DuBaldo wouldn't/couldn't ship out of the US?!?
    But the guitar was apparently sold already, so it made no difference in the end... wonder who got it, it was a great price!

    Should have another one inbound though, so soon I expect to join the club of Turquoise Cutlass owners
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    Congratz! Owner of a SBMM Cutlass and played a EBMM Cutlass a couple of weeks ago. Compared it to the new Elite Strat and prefered the Cutlass. Really like the neck on those guitars. Rock on!

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