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Thread: Petrucci signature problem

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    Unhappy Petrucci signature problem

    Hi everybody.
    I've a big problem...and the same in 3 different guitar (one JP7, one JP7 with piezo and one Majesty Polar Noir with piezo...all with 7 strings).
    After two weeks the first string broke on the bridge, playing for a short time, playing softly. I've tried different type of strings, different picks...and i've tolerated this problem for 8 years...now i'm full. I've spent 1700 for the first guitar, 2200 for the second e 3468 for the Majesty...and i've the same problems...why???
    Do you help me in some way before i decide to sell this guitar too?

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    Did you contact Music Man Customer Service? See the links in my signature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MicLarc87 View Post
    After two weeks the first string broke on the bridge, playing for a short time, playing softly.
    What do you mean by breaking? Are they snapping at the bridge or are they actually coming off the ball end? I've had the latter with my JP15.
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    If it's the same string on three different guitars then it could be a faulty batch of strings (unlikely given you have tried different brands) or perhaps playing technique. When I was younger I used to break high E strings all the time, I thought it was the guitar but it turned out to be me and my style. It also happened more often using D'addario strings, they just weren't as durable. Now I use Slinkys and my style is less aggressive so breaking strings is a rarity now.
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