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Thread: Underrated

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    It is just so cool to play an AL. I just LOVE the fact that it is not everybody's guitar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xjbebop View Post
    In my humble opinion, fwiw, I enjoy playing and being part of the 'exclusive' EBMM family.
    The way more common big names make plenty of good / great guitars... that's why they're so "common". Heck, even prs has become a 'common' guitar... good for them.
    Fair point. I've always had that metal kid desire to be part of a club that wasn't popular. And I do love the reaction I get every time the Starry Night PDN comes out of its case around someone new. Definitely wouldn't get that pop with a more common guitar. Still, it would be nice to get my hands on a different one every now and then to try it out.
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    Ya know, after further consideration, I want to add that I also get the OP's point. In a way it would be nice if the AL were more popular to the point of having more of them available in stores and in more colors to choose from.
    Who knows...with the popularity of all the 'new' models, perhaps the AL might see a resurgence... ???
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    I bought both of mine sight unseen... glad I did. IMO the most comfy necks of the MMs I've tried.
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    AL HH is still my favorite too
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