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Thread: Using my new Cutlass on some old-school Deep Purple ;)

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    Using my new Cutlass on some old-school Deep Purple ;)


    Just recently got myself that nice turquoise Cutlass I was gassing for. I was looking something that could deliver those dusty, growling old-school rock tones. And boy, do I think this guitar delivers!

    I used it for all guitar parts on this cover of the classic "Burn" by Deep Purple.

    Thought I would post a link here in case anybody was interested to hear how the guitar can sound:
    Deep Purple - Burn by Kasper Fauerby | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    I love this guitar so much!

    Btw - never posted a NGD post, so to make this guitar actually exist:
    Using my new Cutlass on some old-school Deep Purple ;)-cutlass_sr-jpg
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    Sounds awesome!!! Nice job !
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    Great sound!

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    Sounds great!

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