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Thread: New amp jcm800 2205 87 Red Tolex

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    New amp jcm800 2205 87 Red Tolex

    I snagged this jcm 800 2205 head at a local pawn shop seems to work well clean channels not gal bad!! But damn this thing is louder than hell any of you guys know much about this amp? My ball sounds ballsy thru this thing should I get an attenuator?

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    Great amp. I used to have one. I also liked the hybrid amp they made. The 3203 head and 4203 combo. That is the perfect axe for that amp.

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    Yes. Get an attenuator if you want to be able to really use that amp properly. OR get used to gobs and gobs of volume!

    Also, which speakers are you running it through?

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    Those were made to play loud, and are one of the best!
    IMHO, an attenuator destroys the tone of the amp. They're made to drive the speakers, and in harmony with each other create that 'tone'.
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    I guess an attenuator will always do something to the tone - but I've used the Rivera RockCrusher, and I have to say I liked that one a lot. Didn't seem to color the tone in any significant way... and then I could crank the amp at home to get the power tubes cooking.
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