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Thread: Sterling SBMM SUB SILO 3, neck question

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    Sterling SBMM SUB SILO 3, neck question

    I have a SILO3 and the neck is very smooth. But it is light and pale. I want to darken it up a bit. Does the Silo3 have a finish on it of any kind? It doesn't seem like it to me. I am wondering if I can stain it or put some tru oil on it to darken it up a little bit. Other than that the asymmetrical shape is comfy, just takes some getting used to. Frets are great.

    Thanks, Luc

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    Yes, it does have a light parrafin based satin finish on it. You would need to remove the finish in order to stain. But, I would recommend against staining it, as you'll then have to add a finish over the stain unless you want to have stained hands as well when playing. Then, once you do add that finish, chances are it's going to be very gummy after playing.
    The end result will probably be a ruined guitar. Granted, they are inexpensive, but, for the time, cost, labor you put into it, I'd sink the money into getting one of our Valentine JV60's. For $499, it's a heck of a guitar.
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    Was the neck really asymmetric on that one, or any of the SBMMs? The EVH and Axis guitars are the EBMM guitars that had/have an asymmetric neck carve, but it seems like ever since half the darn dealers in the world claim an asymmetric neck on just about every other model.
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    Thanks Brian. I may just lightly sand it and put a little gun stock oil on it.

    DrKev, going back and forth from my Silhouette Special, the Silo3 definitely feels asymmetrical. A few websites like Musicians Friend confirm this, although the SBMM site does not.

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