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Thread: wine stain removal on maple neck?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBMM View Post
    StewMac still ships Naphtha to us here at SBMM. I just got a shipment of it. One thing I do, just in case it ends, is I always order 6 of them.
    That's where I get mine from too.

    OP- sorry for highjacking your thread...
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    Id just sand it off then re apply the true oil finish

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    I think the lesson here is to start drinking scotch. Less mess.

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    You could just stain the rest of it in wine. Bob Benedetto uses red wine to stain some of his archtops. Or you can order wood bleach from woodcraft or rockler. I had a similar problem staining a maple neck. Too much got sucked up in the end grain. Looked blochy. I tried regular bleach. Worked well with some light sanding after multiple applications.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beej View Post
    I think the lesson here is to start drinking scotch. Less mess.
    even if you spill it it'll end up looking like a nice antique finish.

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    I use naptha a lot!
    It will not strip a painted/lacquer finish. It will however remove oils/waxes.

    There was a thread on here many moons ago - I thing it was concerning extreme discolouration on an EVH neck?

    He used a wood bleach and had fantastic results. You have nothing to lose trying that if all else fails.

    I used it once on a piece of dark oak furniture and used a two step process - Bottle A and Bottle B (Not bottle W for wine! :-)
    The result was the furniture went from a very dark oak to a VERY light finish.

    This was the product I used.

    wood bleach - Google Search

    Let us know how you get on?

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