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Thread: FR Tremolo Stop Tip of the Day

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    FR Tremolo Stop Tip of the Day

    So I recently installed a tremolo stop on Charvel I had. Works as it should except the "click" you hear once it returns to the home position. I created a cheap fix for that. My secret is heat shrink tube. I can get various sizes for less than 5 bucks at a Chinese tool supplier. I use it for all sorts of guitar electronics but this seems to work best for the desired effect.

    Cut a about 3/16 or less off of the tube. Apply it to the end of the thread so just a hair extends over the threads of the tremolo stop. Apply heat or use a cigarette lighter for a few seconds and Boom....problem solved. NO more "click" through your amp.

    FR Tremolo Stop Tip of the Day-img_20170509_134142-jpgFR Tremolo Stop Tip of the Day-img_20170509_134429-jpgFR Tremolo Stop Tip of the Day-img_20170509_134605-jpgFR Tremolo Stop Tip of the Day-img_20170509_134755-jpg

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    Nifty trick. thanks for sharing

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    Solid idea.

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    I use the same type trem stop. I just put a little round felt pad (with an adhesive back) on the trem block where the trem stop makes contact.
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    I guess there are 101 ways to do this. Whatever is handy works. It's all about having fun and getting creative!

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    I have that exact same tremolo stop on all 4 of my JP models! Thanks for sharing.
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