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Thread: MESA JP-2C sound test with my custom EBMM JP7

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    MESA JP-2C sound test with my custom EBMM JP7

    Hey Guys,

    Here is my first quick sound test of my Mesa Boogie JP-2C

    Directly recorded via Mesa's CabClone D.I and a Shure SM57.

    The guitars are my custom Ernie Ball Music Man JP7 and an Ibanez UV777P BK with their stock DiMarzio pickups. (Crunch Lab, Blaze II)

    What's your favorite sound?

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    EBMM JP6 buttercream - Limited Edition 2005
    EBMM Luke II buttercream - Limited Edition 2005

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    MM sm57 for me.
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    Not a lot of difference between the two guitars. Can't lose!
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