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Thread: Valentine NGD!

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    I switched to d'addario balanced tension 10's. i found the 11's a bit of a chore to push around, especially with the way the action was set from Sweetwater. The 10's are great, but i do have one issue. This issue is pulling the high E string off the fretboard when doing pull-offs in the first five frets. Have you encountered this?
    I have not noticed this issue on mine.
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    I haven't encountered this either

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    No problem pulling the strings off of the fretboard on mine. Mine has the best playing neck I've held, followed closely by the neck on my Cutlass. If only the Cutlass neck was roasted and waxed

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    Love the buttermilk finish. Dying to try one of these out. Congrats!
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    I have one in Maroon and it is now my #1....took a couple months to get used to the thinner neck (this is my first EBMM guitar - but I did have an EBMM bass before). I also like the middle pickup position with the humbucker tapped / split. One thing I did change is the internal trim pots - the boost was too hot for me and I thought it lacked clarity when engaged. I knocked it almost all the way down and now it is a nice light boost to push me over the top as needed. I also went to 10s, but I like a "heavy bottom"....my playing is mostly clean.....when I do use an OD, I like the Lovepedal OD 11 and the Lunastone Wise Guy.

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