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Thread: Luke True Gold Stainless Steel Frets?

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    Luke True Gold Stainless Steel Frets?

    Hi guys,
    Just a quick question regarding frets for the Luke True gold.
    Im thinking of getting stainless Steel frets on the Luke but don't know the exact size to get..does anyone have any ideas or links to the required size. Want as close to the original size as possible (or maybe whatever you recommend)
    Thanks in advance
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    You can get any size you want, but the nut will have to be raised if you get taller frets than the ones Lukather uses which are quite low. I put Jescar 5710 stainless steel in mine and love them. They are roughly a medium jumbo in size. So much more to my taste than the low profile ones Luke uses.

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    Whoever the luthier is that will do the refret will be able to accurately measure your frets and tell you what sizes are available to him that will be the closest match.
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